Welcome to Felden.Co

Felden.Co started as the brainchild of 4 individuals who wanted to create a platform for those passionate about lifestyle and grooming to come together, form a community and share their love for self-care. 

We took the knowledge and experience of being a full-time barber from one of our founders and translated it into answering the needs of the wider community. We curate multi-label products that we believe in and love and we make that extra effort to ensure that all of our products serve the consumer. We aim to offer products that nourish and add value to the consumer while serving their intended purposes.

At Felden.Co, we not only provide but also educate our audience on how to take care of themselves easily, and affordably. Self-care need not be expensive, or take hours - all one needs are the right products and the right knowledge on how to use them and that is what Felden.Co is here for.

Therefore, Felden.Co - Lifestyle, Reimagined.